Call for ThD student applications in Eastern Christian Studies 2021

With External Funding

Stockholm School of Theology (Sankt Ignatios College) is offering a doctoral place in Eastern Christian Studies. The program is worth 240 credits and can be studied full-time (four years) or part-time (eight years). The student can choose one of three paths: 

Eastern Christian Studies takes a historical and critical view of Eastern Christianity from various perspectives: biblical, patristic, liturgical, and ecclesiological. This program is intended for future hierarchs, teachers in theological seminaries and other educational institutions, staff and theological advisors in the administrative structures in the Church at both patriarchal and diocesan levels.

International Relations and Ecumenism focuses on ecclesial diplomacy, inter-church relations, church structures, external relations and how the Church understands itself in the public square. This program is intended for future hierarchs, teachers in theological seminaries and other educational institutions, as well as for senior Church officers primarily on patriarchal and national levels.

Religion, Art, and Democracy takes a deeper look at various Christian political theologies, secular ideologies, and modern/contemporary philosophies. Students who decide to pursue this path will have a chance to study how Eastern Christianity has contributed to these discourses, and how these discourses have affected the doctrinal and practical life of Eastern Christianity. The field also enables the exploration of art, in its aesthetic, theological and ideological dimensions, in the context of Eastern Christianity.

Doctoral students at Stockholm School of Theology will be part of wider Nordic and International scholarly networks.

A. General requirement for admission 

  • A one or two years master’s. degree. A candidate can be admitted without a master’s degree if he or she can demonstrate that they have attained the equivalent knowledge and skills in some other way. 
  • A very good command of English, both spoken and written.

B. General recommendations for admission

  • A bachelor’s degree in the field of theology, or a related field.
  • A master thesis on a topic related to Eastern Christian Studies.
  • Good general knowledge of the history and theology of Christianity.
  • Experience and involvement in ecumencial or inter-religious relations and/or projects.

C. Financial eligibility

The potential candidate must be able to submit evidence that he/she can finance his/her studies for at least eight years (half-time) or four years (full time). This can be done through an agreement with an employer that will let the candidate work half-time/full-time with the ThD for eight or four years respectively.

Alternatively, a candidate must produce evidence that he/she has a scholarship that covers the entire length of the studies, sufficient savings to cover the period of studies or a retirement pension.

D. Campus requirement

  • The candidate must be able to spend the first thirteen months in Stockholm, Sweden, and then spend one full month in Sweden each year for the duration of the studies.

The application for postgraduate studies is made through a special form, which must be requested from the academic dean of Eastern Christian Studies, Anne-Christine Lindvall (anne-christine.lindvall@ehs.se), who can also provide more information.

A decision on eligibility is taken by the academic dean and the relevant professors.

Deadline for application: May 31st, 2020.

Admission: The Research Council admits students September 21st.

Start: The program starts in Sweden on March 1st 2021.