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Bachelor’s (BTh) Program in Eastern Christian Studies

This is a three-year bachelor’s program which provides students with a solid understanding of Orthodox theology and tradition, and which teaches them how to study and express themselves within an academic context. The program introduces subjects such as Church history, liturgics, ecclesiology, patristics and biblical studies, with a specific focus on the eastern Churches. In the first year students study a series of compulsory courses providing a rich balance of biblical, theological, historical and liturgical courses. The first year is studied in Södertälje. The following two years are taught at Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm) in which time students are able to choose from a range of options and to show a deeper knowledge of one area of interest in greater depth in a thesis.  

Because the program is modular it is possible to delay completion of one or more modules until a later time. This provides some flexibility for those who are combining their studies with working life. 

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Quick Facts

Length: 3 years, 180 ECTS credits

Study pace: Full-time

Teaching Hours: Daytime
Type of Instruction: On-campus (the first 60 ECTS credits can be taken on campus or on-line)
Language of Instruction: English
Location: Campus Södertälje (year 1) & Campus Bromma (year 2-3)

Level: University

Organizer: Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm)

The applicant must have completed their upper secondary (high school) education. For more information please visit:
Applicants must also be able to demonstrate a good proficiency in English. The entry requirement for studies at the bachelor’s level in Sweden is equivalent to the English 6 course at Swedish upper secondary school. For more information, please visit:

Tuition fee: Students at Stockholm School of Theology are not required to pay tuition fees if they are citizens of Sweden, of another EU country or if they have been granted permission to live in Sweden. The information about tuition fee for other international students is available on https://ehs.se/tuition-fees