Allmän kurs – Human Rights Profile

The goal of the course: is to prepare students for the General Education Program at university preparation or vocational college levels. We focus above all on increasing participants’ proficiency in Swedish as a second language (at ground level) and their understanding how Swedish society works


Swedish 1,2,3 / Swedish as a second language 1,2,3

Social studies 1,2,3

Mathematics 1,2

English 5,6

History 1a1

Science 1a1

Religion 1

Previous educational requirements: This is a course suitable for those who have no qualifications from Swedish ground-school or who have studied at a lower level in their homeland.

Course start 2021: 11 January and 17 August


Application forms available in:

Quick Facts

Length: 1-3 years
Study Pace:

Full time (100%)

Language of Instruction: Swedish; participants can receive language support from teachers who speak Amharic as their first language
Location: Campus Huddinge

University preparation (SeQf Level 4)

Organizer: Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola

Completion of Swedish ground school education or Allmän kurs (ground level) at a Folkhögskola. Also, all students need to be at least 18 year old and officially registered in Sweden.

Fees: Tuition at Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola is free for everyone who is registered (“folkbokförda”) in Sweden.

Service Fees: Students are required to pay a service fee. The service fee for this program is SEK 1200 per semester